Arctic Roe of Scandinavia

Siberian Sturgeon Caviar made in Sweden

We produce the world’s most exclusive food item in accordance with the strictest regulations in the world.

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We are Arctic Roe

Top Quality Manu­facturing

The starting permit to farm sturgeon was obtained in 2016 from the local county administration after a review process encompassing several months. Somewhat later Arctic Roe was, by the same county administration, classified as a prime producer of food items.

Our heritage

Province of Småland

Arctic Roe of Scandinavia's sturgeon farm is located in the province of Småland. It was once upon a time a border zone between the Swedish and Danish kingdoms. When the Danes left, certain local inhabitants got displeased and rebelled against the strict rule of Swedish King Gustav.

The rebellious past has been transformed in to a friendly present. The municipality of Markaryd, where Arctic Roe has its facility, has numerous times been recognized as Sweden's most company friendly and entrepreneurial municipality.

Siberian Sturegeon fish

Our method

Water is a key to excellence

The usage of water by industrial clients in Sweden is a serious issue due to strict environmental laws. The quality of caviar to a large extent depends on the water quality, and our fish farm meets the demands imposed on it by the authorities.

We keep the fish inside in a re-circulating aqua system (RAS) and on top of that we apply very far reaching cleaning solutions of the outgoing water. Inside in the system of pools housing the fish with a three-stage complex cleaning system, water circulates with a speed of up to 180 m3/hour. An automated steering and control system monitors PH, oxygen, temperature, salinity and pressure. Arctic Roe of Scandinavia also separates mud particles and sterilizes the outgoing water before it is released to the municipal sewage plant. That prevents any contacts with the wild fish living in the nearby river Lagan.

Water splashing

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