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June 10, 2019

Arctic Roe of Scandinavia got invited to Sweden's leading aquaponics enterprise – Peckas Fiskodling in the city of Härnösand.

On May 16, Arctic Roe of Scandinavia ("AROS") Management visited Sweden's leading aquaponic fish farm in the Northern city of Härnösand – Peckas Fiskodling. This is a publicly listed company farming rainbow trout and producing various tomatoes. The technical director of the farm is Mr. Per-Erik "Pecka" Nygård, who has been involved in fish farming and fish enterprising for decades. Torbjörn Ranta, AROS's Managing Director, was joined by Mr. Ola Öberg, who is the Chairman of Sweden's Association for re-circulating aqua farms. Both AROS and Peckas Fiskodling are members of the Association.

The visit was very interesting and took place during a beautiful spring day in the North of Sweden. Mr. Pecka Nygård himself received a glass jar of caviar from AROS's plant in the South of Sweden. On the attached picture we see Ola Öberg to the left and Pecka Nygård to the right. The various members of the Association of re-circulating aqua farmers of Sweden assist each other and visit each other regularly for exchanging information and ideas.

Peckas Fiskodling in the city of Härnösand