Arctic Roe of Scandinavia

Siberian Sturgeon Caviar made in Sweden

We produce the world’s most exclusive food item in accordance with the strictest regulations in the world.

Arctic Roe sturgeon caviar bottle Arctic Roe sturgeon caviar lid

Invited by Guide Michelin as exclusive Caviar supplier

Arctic Roe of Scandinavia AB ("AROS) on Monday this week had the honour of attending a culinary event of magnitude in Norway. There Guide Michelin, the well-known culinary expert organization, organized the Nordic Stars Award 2020 revealing which restaurants in the Nordic region have been awarded new Guide Michelin stars. The ceremony takes place each year in various Nordic cities. This year Trondheim was hosting the event. The event was visited by some 600 guests, whereof many of the leading chefs from famous restaurants in the region.

Delegation visits AROS in Strömnäsbruk in early February

Arctic Roe of Scandinavia AB ("AROS") regularly receives interested visitors. Sometimes political representatives show up to see what's going on in the old paper mill. Not all of them agree to participate in news releases for various reasons. This week, however, AROS was visited by Mrs. Ebba Busch Thor, leader of the Christian Democratic Party of Sweden. She was accompanied by the Mayor of the municipality of Markaryd, Mr. Bengt Germundsson. Mrs. Busch Thor and Mr. Germundsson were guided by AROS's staff, who proudly demonstrated the facilities. Afterwards Mrs. Busch Thor said: "It was fantastic to visit AROS and see how entrepreneurship sprouts in Småland".

Arctic Roe featured on Dagens Industri

Article on Arctic Roe of Scandinavia on December 20, 2019 in Sweden's leading financial daily "Dagens Industri". Sweden's leading financial daily "Dagens Industri" visited Arctic Roe of Scandinavia in autumn 2019 and published a 5 page article on December 20, 2019. The article describes background and current status of Arctic Roe of Scandinavia and also somewhat elaborates on the global sturgeon farming industry. Article only available in Swedish.

Arctic Roe of Scandinavia siktar på stjärnorna

Arctic Roe of Scandinavia är ännu ett ungt företag men siktar så klart på stjärnorna. En klart lysande stjärna är alltid den gigantiska staden London. Arctic Roe har en aktieägare som är känd kock, talare och influencer – Fia Gulliksson, grundare av Food In Action. För närvarande är Fia posterad i just London där hon bl.a är med och bygger upp ett nytt kulinariskt centrum – Pantechnicon - en plats som hyllar nordisk och japansk kreativitet, mat och dryckeskultur. Utöver det bistår hon även nordiska nöjes-, mat- och dryckesproducenter med att närma sig den engelska marknaden.

The russian caviar ready to go in Stömnäsbruk

Article published on November 13, 2018. The situation described by the journalist is a fish meat and caviar degustation event taking place in the exclusive regional restaurant PM & Vänner in the city of Växjö. A number of fish farmers with re-circulating aqua systems in Sweden present their fish meat products primarily to invited chefs. Arctic Roe of Scandinavia also demonstrates trial-samples of its caviar to the attending guests.

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