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June 19, 2019

History catches up with present at the old paper mill in Strömsnäsbruk. Arctic Roe of Scandinavia ("AROS") is pleased to announce that it has obtained its 51st shareholder. And it is not just any shareholder, but a senior Swedish citizen who used to work at the pulp and paper mill in Strömsnäsbruk, when the mill was in active operating mode.

Mr. Rolf Helgesson lives in South of Sweden and is nowadays retiree. He is however still a seasoned equity investor, and during his active career he spent a number of years at the pulp- and paper mill. He therefore knows the property where AROS resides well.

Rolf very well remembers how the heavy machines used to function when the mill was full of workers living in the local village. When he heard about the sturgeon plant starting up business in the old mill, he asked for permission to become a shareholder. AROS with pleasure accommodated this request by one of the major shareholders selling a block of existing shares with a promise to reinvest said proceeds in next share issue.

AROS welcomes new dedicated shareholders who at the same time are interested in exclusive and sustainable Swedish black caviar. Symbolically, Rolf's share purchase represents history at the old mill catching up with the present development.