Arctic Roe of Scandinavia

Siberian Sturgeon Caviar made in Sweden

We produce the world’s most exclusive food item in accordance with the strictest regulations in the world.

Arctic Roe sturgeon caviar bottle Arctic Roe sturgeon caviar lid

January 24, 2019

Article in the regional newspaper "Smålandsposten" published on December 14, 2017. AROS was awarded winner in the nation-wide contest for innovative water related business projects in rural areas. The employees tell about the daily routines for making sure the water quality is satisfactory. There were some 500 small Siberian sturgeons swimming in the 4 pools in the plant. he idea to start the farm was generated on the shore of the Caspian Sea in 2003.

The regional newspaper Smålandsposten The regional newspaper Smålandsposten